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“” refers to and the websites within that domain.

“me” and “I” refer to the creator of, Roman (Rubsamen).

The “user”, “you”, and “your” refers to any individual or organization accessing


  • No :cookie: are used on - Please do not hesitate to contact me if you notice something fishy :alien: !

Collected information

Personally identifiable information

The only pieces of personally identifiable information that might be collected on are:

  • Your email address, which is knowingly provided by you when you choose to contact me by email or by contact form
  • Your private API key, which is knowingly provided by you when you choose to use the Portfolio Optimizer API in authenticated mode

Traffic data

  • Your IP address is collected on, as traffic data (like a bit everywhere on the Internet actually…)

  • Browser referrers and system information such as your operating system, the type of web browser you use, etc. are collected on, as traffic data

Update or removal of collected personally identifiable information

You can contact me anytime to ask for:

  • The update or the removal of your email address and/or of our email exchanges from my mailbox
  • The removal of your private API key from

I have no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the privacy policies of any third-party websites.

I encourage you to be aware when you leave, and to read the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy of other websites that you visit.