About Portfolio Optimizer

Over the years, I learned the hard way that managing an investment portfolio somewhat scientifically (for :nerd_face:, think modern portfolio theory) requires some strong knowledge in mathematics :books: and in computer programming :computer:.

For DIY investors who already need to do everything by themselves (gathering information on the assets hold in their portfolios, managing buy and sell orders…), this can be far too much to bear.

With this in mind, I am developing Portfolio Optimizer so that the personal investors who simply need to use computational tools to manage their portfolios can do so without dedicating years of their life to study advanced mathematics and computer science :school:, or hiring an army of PhDs :mortar_board:.

About the free usage

I believe it is important to have financial APIs like the ones provided by Portfolio Optimizer as accessible as possible to level out the playing field between professional and personal investors.

Making Portfolio Optimizer usable for free is part of that :heart:.

About the limitations of the free usage

To allow as many people as possible to use Portfolio Optimizer, some limits are enforced on the free usage.

I am no outlier here, because these kind of limitations are fairly common in the API industry.

What is less common, though, is that with Portfolio Optimizer there are no bronze/silver/gold/platinum paid plans to unlock higher and higher limits!

With Portfolio Optimizer, if you need to beyond the free usage limits, you’ll simply need to contribute to the running costs through a membership.

Check the API limits documentation for the nitty-gritty.