About Portfolio Optimizer

Over time, I have learned the hard way that managing an investment portfolio somewhat scientifically (think modern portfolio theory) requires strong knowledge in mathematics and in computer science :computer:, which usually takes several loooong years to acquire…

With this in mind, I have developed Portfolio Optimizer so that any investor can use the Nobel Prize-winning science of portfolio optimization without dedicating years of her life to study advanced academic subjects :mortar_board:.

Of course, a minimal understanding of the ideas behind these algorithms is required to use Portfolio Optimizer efficiently, but that’s about it.

About the free usage

I believe it is important to have financial Web APIs as accessible as possible to level out the playing field between professional and personal investors.

Making Portfolio Optimizer usable for free is part of this belief :heart:, although in order to allow as many people as possible to use it, some API limits are enforced.

About the paying usage

To benefit from higher API limits than those enforced for the free usage, you can participate to the running costs of Portfolio Optimizer.

To keep things fun, and because there is no formal service provider - client relationship involved :office:, this participation takes the form of coffee(s) at BuyMeACoffee.com, with one coffee equals to one month of usage.